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Our Mission

Our coaching mission is to provide affordable life coaching to college students and adults. We utilize a sliding scale, to ensure that everyone can access our services.   

​Our consulting mission is to provide information to companies and their employees about the Americans with Disabilities Act/Americans with Disabilities Amendment Act.  

Our editing mission is to provide affordable, quality academic editing to projects of all sizes.  

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Our Team

Dr. Nina Slota

I'm a former undergraduate psychology professor.  I am currently enrolled in a life coach training program at CoachU; I am pursuing my Level One, ACC credential.  I'm already a member of the International Coaching Federation.

My Academic Background

I am trained as a developmental health psychologist with a passion for disability studies.  I researched people's lived experiences, identities, and ways of coping with illness and disability.   

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Logo showing I finished the Level One training program through CoachU.
Logo showing I'm a member of ICF, the International Coaching Federation.
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My Diagnoses

My Passion

Disability Studies (DS) examines how disability shapes individuals' lives.  Disability studies doesn't say that there aren't challenges and bad days; it does say that one should be proud of functioning, even if that's just getting out of bed or keeping busy while in bed.  
       As a young adult, I needed to hear this message.  As a professor, I taught about DS; now, I'll be integrating disability studies perspectives into life-coaching and consulting.  


I've received my CoachU Certificate of Completion for my Level 1, ACC credential.  I still need to accrue some hours and take a standardized exam to earn my ACC credential through the International Coaching Foundation.


  • Ph.D. in Psychology, Graduate Center, City U. of New York

  • BSed, University of Delaware

  • Inflammatory bowel disease, age 9.   

  • Osteoarthritis, age 16.

  • Meniere's Syndrome, age 23. 

  • CRPS/RSD, a rare chronic pain condition, age 35.  My CRPS  is in my left leg; it hasn't spread. 

  • Osteopenia diagnosed, age 35.

  • Cancer, age 44.

  • Lymphedema, age 45.  

Dr. Justin Hastings

I bring more than two decades of successful teaching at the university level as well as experience in scholarly publishing, grant writing, and editing for academic journals and documentary publications. 


Academic Background

My primary research interest is in medieval and early modern reception of classical Roman poetry with special emphasis on Horace.  My critical lenses include Textual Studies, Book History, Disability Studies, Gender Studies, and Queer Theory. 


My Passion

I am particularly interested in the intersections of Disability Studies with race, class, and gender and how these identities and ways of understanding embodiment have shifted trans-historically.  Consciousness is challenging to experience and comprehend, so a useful starting point for me is to begin by looking at what questions others have posed, what answers they have found, and what systems and structures they have created as responses.  My passion is helping others move their inchoate ideas through the process of development and revision and into published form so that others may continue to build upon and refine them in their own scholarship.



This is a headshot of Dr. Justin Hastings.  He is providing academic editing services through this company.


  • Ph.D. in English Literature, Loyola University Chicago

  • M.A. in Medieval Studies, University of Toronto

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