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   Disability Consulting

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People with disabilities are often called "the largest minority.” Estimates are that 19-30% of the adult population has some type of sensory, mobility, chronic illness, mental health impairment, chronic pain, or other disability. Many of these conditions are invisible or nonapparent, so employers may not be aware of which employees would be covered by the ADA/ADA Amendments Act. Similarly, employees may not have read the ADA to realize that it covers themselves.  If neither side is aware, then accommodations wouldn't be requested, interactively processed, or granted.  That can be a recipe for high turnover and associated costs, and lower revenue.  


I can work with your company to destigmatize and demystify the accommodations process for employees and/or management.


My standard presentation, which I will modify to fit your needs, introduces multiple ways of viewing and discussing disability.  I start with I the perspective that people might be struggling at work and not realize that requesting ADA accommodations might be the solution that they need. 

The core presentation involves multiple activities and takes approximately 2 hours, but it can be modified for time and content. If you would like to discuss my services, please schedule a free meeting, call me, or use the contact form and I will follow up with you.   

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