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Academic Life Coaching

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With our decades of experience in higher education, we can help support you at any point in your journey.  We use a sliding scale, so prices start at $16/session, for up to a 50-minute session.

Traditional Library

Are you thinking about college?

  • Are you the first in your family to consider college?

  • Are you overwhelmed by your choices?

  • Are you over 25 and considering starting or returning to college?

We can help you decide what's right for YOU!

Empty Chairs in Lecture Room
College Lecture
College Lecture

Common Undergraduate Issues


  • feeling lost?

  • feeling overwhelmed?

  • unsure who to reach out to for help?

  • struggling academically?

  • unsure of your major?

  • hesitant to talk to your parent(s) or guardian(s)?

  • considering changing your major?

  • struggling with time management?

  • trying to figure out what comes after graduation?

  • considering graduate school?


We've worked with thousands of students.  We can support you in your quest for success.  

Note to parents/guardians:  If any of these sound like your student, we will be happy to work with them.  

Stack of Books

Graduate Issues

  • Need help with selecting programs?

  • Need help with the application process?

After you're in:

  • Do you need support with school-life balance?

  • Do you need a sounding board due to departmental politics?

  • Do you need a friendly mentor to brainstorm with?

  • Are you stressed about comps?

  • Are you experiencing writer's block?

  • Are you close to graduation and trying to figure out what comes next?

We can help you navigate these waters.

Traditional Library
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Early Career Issues

  • Are you deciding on a traditional or Alt-AC career?

  • Are you struggling with cover letters?

  • Are you on the tenure track and struggling?

  • Do you need support from outside your department?

We've taught at a range of schools with a range of students.  We'll be happy to support you wherever your career takes you.

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